Purchasing 2100NEWS Index Funds

Purchasing 2100NEWS Index Funds

Index name Price Weekly Growth Market Cap  
Large-caps Index Strategy 4,31 € +1,38% 797.623,84M € Details
Coins Index Strategy 3,14 € +1,31% 1.566.303,69M € Details
Ethereum Tokens Index Strategy 7,70 € +4,80% 607.278,58M € Details
Blue Chip Index Strategy 6,71 € -2,85% 2.160.873,03M € Details
Index name Price Weekly Growth Market Cap  
CETF NWSBCT Token 7,12 $ -6,94% 2.160.873,03M $ Details
CETF NWSLT Token 4,48 $ -7,80% 797.623,84M $ Details
CETF NWSET Token 7,98 $ -6,46% 607.278,58M $ Details
CETF NWSCOT Token 3,27 $ -7,98% 1.566.303,69M $ Details

How To Purchase (follow) 2100NEWS Crypto Index Funds via ICONOMI

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At the moment, anyone except for citizens of the United States, Canada, or Saint Vincent and the Grenadines are eligible to invest. As soon as financial regulators announce a clear decision in these countries, these restrictions will be removed. Please stay tuned for updates.


Here is ICONOMI’s current list of Tier 1 supported countries and the Tier 2 supported countries.

2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX STRATEGIES can be followed (purchased) on the ICONOMI platform.


If you don’t have an ICONOMI account:


You should open an account with the ICONOMI referral button. Follow the on-screen instructions and check your inbox for the confirmation email after signing up. Make a deposit. Login to your ICONOMI account and deposit Bitcoin or Ether. (See “⦁ How do I make a deposit?“ for more details.)


If you already have an ICONOMI account, choose 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX STRATEGIES to purchase (follow)  


Go to your ICONOMI account and click: Dashboard > Search for a product> Select Digital Asset (2100news ) >Add funds> Follow the on-screen instructions.

Selling 2100NEWS CRYPTO INDEX STRATEGIES or any other Crypto Strategies is just as easy as buying it. Simply login to your ICONOMI account and follow these steps:


Dashboard >  Select  (click) Digital Asset you want to sell > Click Sell button >Enter the Amount to sell > Follow the on-screen instructions.


If you wish to withdraw your Strategies from ICONOMI, please see “How do I make a withdrawal?“

The minimum amount per buy/sell is $10. The daily buy/sell limit (24 hours) is $10,000. These amounts are standard across the ICONOMI platform.

There is no lock-up period. You can convert your Crypto Strategies holdings back into Bitcoin, Ether, or any of ICONOMI’s other supported digital assets at any time.

You can purchase Bitcoin or Ether from exchanges.

All deposits have zero fees. The amount that you can deposit depends on your verification tier. To make a deposit, login to your ICONOMI account and follow these steps:


  • Select the Crypto Transfer, then choose the digital asset you wish to deposit.
  • The next screen will display the QR code and your dedicated/receiving address for your ICONOMI account.
  • Simply copy and paste the address into the wallet/exchange/etc. from which you are initiating the transfer. You can check the status of your transaction at any time.


Please click here for more information on the deposit options and execution times for each supported digital asset on ICONOMI’s platform.

You can easily sell your holdings and withdraw your cryptocurrencies from the ICONOMI platform at any time. The amount that you can withdraw depends on your verification tier. To make a withdrawal, login to your ICONOMI account and follow these steps:


  • Select the Money or Crypto Transfer page, then choose the digital assets/tokens you wish to withdraw.
  • On the next screen, enter the amount you want to withdraw and paste the receiving address you want to transfer to (the receiving address is the address you copy/paste from the wallet/exchange/etc. where you want your digital assets/tokens to be sent).
  • Press Preview and confirm the transaction. Two additional confirmations are needed to complete the withdrawal: Two-factor authentication (2FA) and email confirmation.


Please refer to this page for information on the ICONOMI platform’s execution times and withdrawal fees for each supported digital asset.

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